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  • 🌸 Radical Gratitude Meditation Course
  • 🌊 Anxiety Melting Meditation Course
  • 🕺 10-part Social Anxiety Course
  • 🧘‍♂️ Stoic Guide to Navigating Troubled Relationships and Toxic People Course
  • 🌀 How to Escape Negative Thoughts Course
  • Much more... 

What Stoics-in-Training Say

"By far one of the most well-planned, prepared, and executed courses on Insight Timer that I have done. Not just that, but the wonderful way in which Jon manages to connect eastern meditation practices, with Stoic meditations, coupled with cutting-edge and complex psychology from modern science; with what we know about the human mind, heart, and soul connection today; that we did not know even as short as 50 years ago. Finally, a masterful delivery in the English language. Thank you for bringing to life my personal Stoic practice Jon, especially at a time when I thought I knew a thing or two."

— Asim 

“This was an exceptional course. I will listen to it multiple times and am also now interested in learning about the ancient philosophers. Thank you.”

— Scott

"Thank you so much. Sending you so much radical gratitude for you and this incredible course. It was just what I needed right now in my life. I would love more like this! It's like a complete mindset shift that is completely transformational in how I can think about all aspects of my life, especially the more challenging ones!"

— Juliet 

“Great as always. So simply stated! Makes me wonder now why I’ve always had a problem with people robbing me of my peace of mind. Thank you for the tools to overcome this.”


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