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Reduce Christmas indulgence?

Hi Jon, Something I’ve been thinking about recently. I’m a fan of Christmas, it evokes happy memories and makes me feel good. Lots of those memories are about indulging desires, whether that be food, spending money, or lazily watching tv. I understand that the short-term pleasure of this may not last and a Stoic restraint might be more beneficial in the long run, but this also feels like I’m missing out on Christmas fun. After all, if I hadn’t indulged in the first place, I wouldn’t have these happy memories and feelings about Christmas. What do you think? Graham

What are some tools to battle unhealthy desire?

I've become pretty good at reframing obstacles and "bad things" to find what's good in them. However, I still struggle with resisting unhealthy desires. Basically I feel a slave to things like food, porn, and other dopamine inducing behaviors. I know the stoics recognized the dangers of these things, but I'm curious to learn some tools to use when these desires pop up.


How do you deal with recurring negative thoughts about the past that seem to just appear from nowhere?

Stoicism, BPD and NPD

How stoicism can help with BPD and NPD? What are your thoughts on narcissism?